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{ I heart pixshurs. }

That’s me up there… the one behind the testy toddler. Isn’t family picture day fun when you have kids? It pays to have a sense of humor and a good attitude! I actually set this image up while taking directory shots for my church and had someone else click the button.

I’m Heather, and I’m a photographer and photo lover. I do event photography, wedding photography, senior and family portraits, head shots, beauty shots, food photography, and make art prints. I pretty much just capture all the beauty I see in life – from the green goodness of an avocado, to the teeming humanity of a huge conference, to the beaming smile of a bride walking down the aisle.

I’ve been developing my photography skills since I was a young girl with film cameras. I studied black and white lab photography in college (which dates me pretty badly, but that’s ok). I’ve been building a small photography business in my spare time while raising kids for nearly a decade. I grow to love it more with every image I make.

This is my “storefront” photography site where I upload the final photos for my clients from their photography sessions. You can browse my portfolio here or shoot me an email and ask me for rates!

You can always follow me on instagram, too. I love it! I post a little of everything there… homeschooling, raising kids, foods I love, macro photography from the garden, and favorites from my clients that I take for business.

Heather’s Instagram (iPhone and Canon DSLR crops)

I’d love to work with you and help you capture some wedding or family memories, capture the essence of your event or business, or help you display your products in a pretty or delicious way! I work in the Northwest part of the greater Austin, Texas area, but I also travel for clients who are willing to foot the bill. I love a good adventure!

Contact me via email for rates!